Parent Testimonials: Rainbow Montessori

A NEW WORLD OF Montessori School has been the best!  My child has flourished ever since he began at the school.  At 5 years of age, he’s already reading books!  The staff is excellent, and the atmosphere is exactly what our child needed to build up his enthusiasm for learning.  I can’t thank this school enough!
-- The Happiest Parents!

Thomas has just blossomed this past year.  He is already farther along with reading, writing and spelling compared to his big sister.  He is well prepared for kindergarten in August..  We need to especially thank you and your staff for the patience and help through all of the challenges with his glasses.  Your support and understanding has been very much appreciated.  We have also enjoyed the exposure to different cultures and the other Montessori families we’ve been fortunate to know throughout the years.
-- Many thanks and warmest regards, Brian and Angela

-My son graduated from A NEW WORLF OF MONTESSORI two years ago and my daughter is graduating in June 2013.  Since leaving A NEW WORLD, my son has absolutely thrived in kindergarten and first grade and I credit the ANW Montessori program for preparing him so well to work independently and to really enjoy what he is learning.  I have no doubts that my daughter is equally as prepared for kindergarten.  I have continued to be amazed at the amount my kids have learned at ANW Montessori from the continents (at age 3), to all the letters and numbers to 100, to reading books on their own!  The teachers have really instilled a love of learning from the beginning and I am so grateful for this gift for my children.
--Sincerely,  Michele 

Today is sadly our last day with ANW Montessori for my youngest son.  I have two children and both of them have been with ANW Montessori for four years since moving to Danville.  We have been at other schools in The Bay Area and this school by far, gave me as a working mom, peace of mind knowing that my children were well taken care of in addition to being prepped for Kindergarten for success academically. The staff are caring, professional, flexible and personable.  I highly recommend Rainbow Montessori without hesitation.

I taught at Monta Vista High School for 39 years.  Right now I am a substitute and coach at The Athenian School.  Christy has great friends and wonderful care givers at ANWM School.  Miss Sima is a FANTASTIC TEACHER!  She has done an outstanding job of teaching Christy.  Why would I send Christy to a new teacher who won’t get to really know Christy and her abilities for a month or two?  I took Christy to Muirwood for a revisit to get her ready for next years transition.  Christy got to play with the other kindergarteners at recess.  I noticed a big difference between the ANWM Children and the public School children.

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